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UI Designer

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We’re looking for more design misfits… Don’t you just hate it when your clients/boss tell you this? ”Your design is too good for us”, “Your design is not like the other sites I’ve seen online, can you make it look like site X?”, “This design looks weird, i don’t think the client is ready for […]

It starts with you!

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We ask for God’s help over and over and wonder why he’s not helping us. When in fact he is helping us. He’s helping us become stronger. Because he knows you can’t become strong if you don’t learn to fix your own problems.

How to pick your A Team

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Thinking of setting up a great team, here are a few lessons I’ve learnt and take aways for you.

The Birth!

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When great minds come together driven by ambition and common interests, what is achieved is not only a story measured by what has been accomplished at the end of it all, but by the story of success as well that is collectively shared. Such is the tale of three young men fresh out of campus; […]

Fortune Favors the bold

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Its true what they say, fortune does favor the bold. One of our team members, Michael Owiti, currently on the first ever Archangel Interactive Internship Programme was one of the lucky winners of the Mpasho Win an Iphone Challenge. Similar enthusiasm was exhibited by 27 year old Micheal Owiti who is also an I.T specialist […]

Six Ways To Win People To Your Way Of Thinking

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Well we all had a moment in our lives where we wanted to be the coolest kid in the group way back in primary or for some even secondary probably even university(particularly ladies), and yes some of us achieved this misconcieved status quo and gained nothing while others their ego and pride was probably boosted […]

Being Dauntless

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I admit it has taken me a while to figure out what my next post would be. I always prefer writing after I have read a book or two and I get down to sharing my views. I am on a brief break between semesters and in the last 3 days I decided to read […]

Achieving great design… everything exists because someone wanted it there

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There is a reason for everything being where it is… The fonts… The background colour… The speed of the transition… The colour of the footer that you barely even notice

My Five Core Rules of Thumb

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As an enthusiast of graphics and web design i recently discovered my insatiable desire to improve my skill sets by formulating some key directives to becoming the Leonardo Da Vinci of design. These are basic principles that we always strive to abide by but, most of us fail to follow because we have too much […]

Feel the Fear… and Do IT Anyway

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There is always this one thing that stops each of us from achieving our full potential. You and I can all give an example of the times when we felt unsure of our every move. Something we could not define held us back. This is FEAR. There are various degrees of fear depending on the […]