The Birth!

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When great minds come together driven by ambition and common interests, what is achieved is not only a story measured by what has been accomplished at the end of it all, but by the story of success as well that is collectively shared. Such is the tale of three young men fresh out of campus; brought together by fate, united by a strong belief in the power of prayer, with different skill sets, and all from different back grounds. This is the story of the birth of The Archangel Interactive Agency.

Forged out of hardship and common interests, (which started in an office without furniture just so you know), three young men came together with strong will and defiance to write history in an industry that was quickly growing within the Kenyan market; the Software Industry through an interactive agency. Taking up their initial steps into a world that had not been well-shaped, and whose risks were not quite foretold, the three fellows began by calculating their risks and formulating a catalogue to be followed by future entrepreneurs who had the free will and guts to follow the same path.

I first met Michael Mwaura a few months ago, sometime in March 2014, and I must admit people, when I first listened to him as the co-founder of the Agency, listened to his dream, I thought to myself, ‘This guy must have left his seemingly huge brain somewhere at home and brought his super huge ego instead!’. I admit I did mistake his exuberant confidence for an ego. The thing is, his ideologies on how to get around were pretty good, that much I must admit. However, the time period and methodology through which he intended to get this done was something I strongly believed was impossible backed by my financial knowledge and the fact that he was coding from the floor of a small empty apartment, in the outskirts of Juja,which he called his office. Would you blame me? However after calling myself to a ‘self-board meeting’, I recalled something that my father had always told me ever since I was in secondary school due to my poor performance in physics, math and chemistry. That the human ability to achieve things seemingly difficult is always limited and dictated by the perception of the brain, “You see Kamau,” he’d always start his lecture “anything you want to be or do begins in your mind-set, hence, everything you become as from that moment henceforth is a mind, body and spirit affluence”. Not that the slogan ever worked (just to set the record straight) anyway so right until now I didn’t expect it to work but anyway, “You never know. This could be it!” I told myself.

“Anything you want to be or do begins in your mind-set, hence, everything you become as from that moment henceforth is a mind, body and spirit affluence”

Before I go too far, let me rudely interrupt and introduce myself, and tell you the kind of man I am to better help you understand my view as stated. Kamau Mwithukia is the name I go by, a specialist in Finance and Banking. At the office, I am commonly referred to as the numbers guy or ‘Private’ derived from the Penguins of Madagascar. You see, I’m always the analytical one when it comes to getting into projects or whatever job I’m required to do. That’s just what life has taught me, right from child hood. At times I wonder if it feels the same for other children who were brought up by military men like I was. Just let me let you in on a secret about people like me. When the dauntless like Mr. James Mahindu talk to me about jumping into ventures with minimum calculation, the math does not add up! To me that is unfathomable.

Oh, yes. James is our other guy. He’s the Director of Operations. Coolest dude I have met this year. Scratch that. Coolest dude I have met. You see this is the kind of guy that will randomly jump into something regardless of the depths of the waters he’s jumping into. Surprisingly, this guy will always find his way around situations, complexity notwithstanding, and comes out scratch free. It’s a character I admire but at times I think to myself our praise of his character gets to his head (I lied. He doesn’t always walk out scratch free).

At the end of it all, and after analyzing the idea of starting an interactive agency, I finally drained my accounts and decided to buy shares at The Archangel Interactive. I did not only become an investor in the company but I was also made Chief Financial Officer. Six months down the line, I can attest to God’s faithfulness in His promises to us. We have established and accomplished more than we thought we would have, much as the journey has neither been a crystal stair nor a bed of roses, we’ve grown with each step and learnt with each stumble. Above everything, we are thankful to God for having walked with us, made our family at TAI grow with each passing moment.

We’ve grown with each step and learnt with each stumble.

Finally I can thank my dad and confidently say that his slogan is eventually working. So people best believe you can all achieve anything you want to only if you put your mind to it!!!

The Archangel Interactive has, over the last 8 months or so, achieved quite a lot. See, in the beginning, sometime in February 2014, we (I wasn’t in the picture by then though) used to work from a hotel in the Nairobi CBD: I’m sure Michael will one day be inspired to tell you the full story. But now we have a functional office complete with a board room and a working area/conference room. There’s beauty in this paragraph people. It hit me just now. The title to this article is ‘THE BIRTH’. And this is our 9th month in business. Haaaaa!!! Did you see that?? I didn’t either! And this is the first post we are putting up about our story. I just put my genius onnnn!! *victory dance (whoop! Whoop!).

Ahem! Back to business.

So yes, fully functional office with 8 personnel and a board of 3. There are 11 awesome brains working towards a common goal. We are aimed at going places web developers have been afraid to explore, especially in the Kenyan market. We intend to make a difference and make a living while at it. It has been as fun as it has been exhausting. We have agreed on numerous things, and disagreed in equal measure. It’s all part of the package. But we can safely say that God has seen us through major huddles that have threatened to compromise our integrity.

Yes. I’m running out of material to write. Like there’s a lot of stuff we do but I don’t know how to put it in words without making this sound like a diary of some sort. But we agreed it’s hard. Writing is difficult…………