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Don’t make obvious mistakes when your starting out

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We all start out on our own eventually, be it fresh out of school or just quit your job that was super frustrating. As much as going solo is a good thing, we all want our new hustle, our sweat and our determination to mean something, so don’t start making obvious mistakes.

In this day and age, we want to have more time, we want to work during our own schedules and we want to be our own bosses… But that shouldn’t blind you. Yes you just quit your job and yes, you hate taking orders but what happens when you tackle projects by yourself ? you’re always busier than you were working from your previous office aren’t you? So how can you be more productive. Lemme share with you some hard earned lessons:

Don’t work alone

It is because of this that we encourage team work. Freelance means working on your own schedule, not preset. It doesn’t mean work alone. Work with someone, two heads are better than one, plus you now stand a chance of being twice as productive and creative.

Be disciplined

You have to be as disciplined as the company or institution you were in (That’s their secret). Just because you’re your own boss doesn’t mean you relax and work as slow as you want. Determination and efficiency combined with discipline will get you places faster than you can imagine.

Have goals and dreams.

The bigger your dream the more successful you might be. We have to strive to reach the highest of our goals while using simple milestones to get there. Don’t just set goals, let them be reasonable and within reach. You can set a long term goal that seems unreasonable at first, but to achieve it you need to break it down into smaller reasonable goals that you can achieve, and push yourself there.

Work harder than you ever have.

The simple fact that you are a small workforce means you have to work five times harder to meet your goals. Work hard or fail hard. The more intensely you work, the higher your chances of failing. But the key is to always get up with more intensity than when you failed. “Creativity comes easy but Creation is hard.” – an ode to work by Behance.