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Was listening to some song and this line:-
“That was God tryna’¬†ask me what I’m gonna do, he said “I hate to put obstacles right in front of you but you gotta learn to get out of what you’re going through”.

This really got me thinking and true it doesn’t get more real than it is. So true, we ask for God’s help over and over and wonder why he’s not helping us. When in fact he is helping us. He’s helping us become stronger. Because he knows you can’t become strong if you don’t learn to fix your own problems. If I can quote Albert Einstein, he said “I thank God for all those people who said no to me whenever I needed them. It’s because of them that I learnt to do things¬†myself”.

Riddle me this: How many push ups can your friend do for you for you to build muscle? Same goes for life. God snapping his fingers for you to make things better doesn’t help you. It fixes the current situation but doesn’t fix the situation that is….YOU. Like it or not if you’re going through hard times 9 times out of 10 the situation revolves around you. Your ability to let go of the past, let go of stress, make yourself happy without needing someone to do it for you, and to look at your situation in a different light instead of always being negative about things. He will provide what you need to get out of your situation but he’s not going to snap his fingers and end it for you. He’ll give you a hammer, he’ll give you a nail, but he isn’t going to pick up the hammer and drive the nail into the wood for you. That’s your job. He wants you to pull YOURSELF up. Not because he’s being selfish, doesn’t care about you or anything like that. It’s because he DOES care about you, he KNOWS you have it in you, and he KNOWS you’ll be a better person if YOU’RE the one who learns how to get YOURSELF out of what you’re going through. It’s like a mom always picking up after her kid. How’s the kid ever going to learn how to clean up his/her own mess if it’s always picked up for them? They want, they’ll always depend on someone else to do it for them. As innocent as picking up after her kid was an act of compassion, the kid will grow up not knowing how to take care of itself. Always expecting someone else to do it for them. God is simply acting as your HEAVENLY father. He’s making you pick up after yourself so you learn to do for yourself that way you’re not always depending on him. He will work miracles in impossible situations where you have no control over the situation (such as cancer). But not a job, relationship, drama, drug abuse situation or anything like that which YOU have control over (whether you admit that fact to yourself or choose to ignore it). Anyway, got a little too deep here but yeah, true story! Hope that inspires your Wednesday!