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Fortune Favors the bold

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Its true what they say, fortune does favor the bold. One of our team members, Michael Owiti, currently on the first ever Archangel Interactive Internship Programme was one of the lucky winners of the Mpasho Win an Iphone Challenge.

Similar enthusiasm was exhibited by 27 year old Micheal Owiti who is also an I.T specialist who works at Archangel Initiative.

Mpasho News

You should hear him speak of how it felt to have the iPhone 6 in his hands, being a tech lover that he is, it was a great opportunity for him and we’re proud of his achievement. What a way to close the year,

From the whole team, Congratulations Mr. Owiti. Owiti has written a couple of articles for our users e.g: Six Ways To Win People To Your Way Of Thinking and My Five Core Rules of Thumb.

About Michael Mwaura

Michael is a 'Digital Blacksmith' as he likes calling himself, a Web and UI Designer and an enterpreneur. He is the founder of The Archangel Interactive and the 'Baus' as we like to call him.