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My Five Core Rules of Thumb

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As an enthusiast of graphics and web design i recently discovered my insatiable desire to improve my skill sets by formulating some key directives to becoming the Leonardo Da Vinci of design. These are basic principles that we always strive to abide by but, most of us fail to follow because we have too much on our plate or were constantly distracted by the challenges of life.


I believe this is the most important and most challenging directive for any person. I too struggle to maintain daily discipline, but one has to keep trying . With discipline comes consistency and that brings fruit to skill mastery. The best way to be disciplined is to design a definitive schedule, one that suits your daily time frame.  You should also assign yourself a disciplined role model to help you gauge your discipline progress. And finally mark your progress by reviewing, measuring and determining if you have attained your discispline milestone

2. Evolution and Revolution

If you are a designer or a developer aspiring to be outstanding, you require constant improvement. This improvement is nurtured by evolution, the ability for you to evolve from one skill to another. I don’t encourage revolution as it involves going round in circles or one sticking to one dimension/skill/method without generally learning anything new. This eventually limits your exposure and limits the platform you as prospective designer or developer. At the Archangel, we strive to evolve with every new project we undertake, and we think you too should always aspire to evolve and not revolve.

3. Dedication and Specialization

Dedication goes hand in hand with discipline, but it requires you to have self drive and passion. Specialization on the other hand is where you particularly choose to master one area of skill that you are drawn to. We would all love to learn everything at every given moment,  but at the end of it all, knowledge tends to be infinite and I suggest that you  should pursue what you are deeply interested in and specialize in it. “Don’t be  Jacks of all trades and masters of none”

4. Practice/Repetition

My favorite tip of them all, it always yields positive results. Practice generates perfection of any given art while repetition is the constant mastery of a pattern of any activity one is partaking in; you do once then you do it again and again until your good in it. In other words you should make time to consistently practice,  whether its design, management or development to fundamentally and fully understand it and eventually apply the knowledge you’ve acquired. This so called pattern if followed accordingly becomes one’s  routine and it will soon become part and parcel of your being.


Ambition is priceless(Free like oxygen), you should always dare to dream, and dream big. The more  ridiculous the dreams the more your passion and desire is built and galvanized to achieving your goals. An ambitious mind is a creative mind, so you should not limit yourself to reality alone but express yourself even through your fantasies. By doing so, you’re basically unleashing your creativity and unlocking the potential of limitless thinking.