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Website Design · April 2014

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Adeona Safaris is a tours and travel company based in Nairobi Kenya. They serve the needs of travelers who seek tour and travel services ranging from single night hotel bookings to short and long term visits, tours and safaris for individuals and groups as well as international conferences.

The challenge

Christine from Adeona first approached us back in 2013 when she was in the initial stages of registering a company. Our meetups started out as coffee dates at Mocca Coffee, but little did we know they would evolve into sitdowns at the Archangel Headquaters. At the time our biggest role was technical consultation. We had never anticipated actually building a website for her. That changed however as the demands of her growing business increased.

When time came to take on the growing demands of her clients, we were there to give her a boost. She wanted a simple website to help her clients to view the different packages and call her for booking. A lot of time was spent reviewing the designs until we finally agreed on one and went ahead to work on it.

The outcome

What started out as a demand for a simple website to diplay the safaris, ended up to be a heavy content website with a little handcrafted trick on the actual safaris allowing users to book a safari they like from the same page. We're proud of the work we did for her users, and the bookings are on high demand now. Guess they like our work too!

The client

Adeona Kenya Safaris

The User

Tours and Travel lovers

The Tech


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