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Website Design · June 2014

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Bristar Girls High School is a modern boarding school that caters for the girl child. The institution is founded on the Biblical standard based on the firm belief that in every student there is a 'Bright Morning Star' thus the name Bristar Girls’ High School. A lot of emphasis is placed on academic excellence and solid relationships.

The challenge

When Bristar Girls approached us they were making advance preparations for their annual Prize Giving Day 2014 to be held on the 21st June 2014. They then realized that they felt the need to do more, to try out something different.

The previous year, they had launched their magazine, this year, they were to unveil their strategic plan. But they still needed something the parents would take with them. Its this need that brought up the conversation about a website, and we were called in 2months before the launch to help them out.

Earlier in the year, Bristar clocked their first achievement being recorgnized in the Daily Newspapers among the list of top 100 private schools nationally at position 99. Such news always comes with its challenges, and this was no exception. Parents from all ends began looking to bring their students to Bristar. But the biggest challenge was parents asking if they had a website since every google search result would yield wrong results. In summary, they had no online presence.

The outcome

Bristar Girls High School now has a reputable online presence. The new Bristar website provides an immersive experience optimised for all screens - from desktop, to tablet to serve parents and students from all corners of the country.

The client

Bristar Girls High School

The User

Parents and Students

The Tech


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