Spreading the EoC message to Africa

Web and Mobile · June 2015

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The client

EOC Commision for Africa

The event

EOC Nairobi 2015 - Enterpreneural School and Congress

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When the EOC Team first approached us, it was to invite Michael for the young entrepreneurs expo to happen in May. With all the excitment around the event, they wanted to ensure that the over 400 registered attendees from all over the world would have a good experience. Unfortunately, it was around the same time as the Garrissa attack. They had to maitain face, and relieve the tension that was already in the air. The resolution was to build an 'EOC Culture' as they called it, both locally in their premise and online before and after the event. As expected, we we're given what we do best, the online task.

The strategy

In our very first meeting, we had to break apart the whole website into chunks and analyse the user experience bit by bit. The developer had done a really good job with the backend, so we didn't have to focus on it. Our role was to make the experience of any user visiting the website to be as easy as possible. Due to the amount of work surrounding the event, we had to work overnight to come up with the concept.

The team came up with this idea of handcrafting a memorable experience on the website. We chose to focus on the navigation in and around the website and the overall outlook as well. The website consisted of three main navigation points. The first was the top level navigation which represented the event(s) in general and the various details that would help the people coming to the school and congress. The second was the first level navigation which contained information about an event and lastly the second level navigation which represented information about that particular section of the event. We had to not only make it easy to understand and use, but also as memorable as possible. We had to standardise it so that if you moved from one event to the other, you'd be able to understand each of the sections.

Apart from the navigation we also had to focus on the overall outlook of the website. The idea of memorability kept coming up in the design team's discussions, but how could we make it memorable?

The concept

Thank God we landed ourselves creative interns. Brian, one of our interns, now one of the team members, came up with this really creative Kenyan concept and the team loved it. The concept focussed on the city and the Maasai culture, Nairobi means "cool water" and that was and is the idea behind the website. The aspect of 'rain' dots pouring on the city of Nairobi had to stick but not distract. After nights and nights of work, we finally came up with the prototype and after, the approval.

The result

After the event was finally over, and everyone had gone back, we were handed the button to ensure that they never forget the message that was communicated during the event. The EOC Nairobi 2015 Website now represents a hub of ever increasing information contributed by all speakers and attendees and is the reference point for all matters EOC Africa till the next event.