Of DJs, powerful sound systems and events

Branding · July 2014

The client

Housedown Entertainment is an Entertainment Company founded with the sole purpose of providing sound equipment and logistics to their clients. Their clientelle includes weddings, club events, parties and cocktails.

The challenge

When Housedown came to us, they had just acquired new equipment for their next event and they wanted a way to market the company and get calls for events. Our task was to design flyers to be used in their marketting campaign. The market they were in is already flooded with competitors, so we had to come up with a design that would make them stand out, be easy to carry around, and would have as little content as possible but tell you as much as you needed to hear.

The outcome

The result of our work was a 5 page catalog and a 3 page brochure that they used in their campaign. It was a great chance for us to work in the music industry and it gave us a feel of how to deal with clients in the music industry.

The client

House Down Entertainment

The Audience

Event Organisers